Your English School

I'm John Gurney and I set-up Your English School to help people learn English the way they want to. Often you'll see language schools in the UK with a range of different courses. They will try to match you, the student to the courses that they have available. The content of their courses remains the same for everyone, week after week, regardless of who attends or where they come from.

The idea of Your English School is that it’s all about YOU, the student. Every course is tailor-made for each student, which means you get a unique personal and professional service. If you want to focus on one language skill more than others, special language used in your line of business, or specific business skills such as making presentations, then I can make sure your courses focuses on what you want to do.

Wouldn’t you rather have a course designed with everything you want to help make learning English easier and more personal and enjoyable?

Unlike many other websites, all of the photos you'll see here have been taken by students when they attended my course or by myself.