Are You Ready For This?

Is my English good enough?

The one thing most people don't have when they learn another language is confidence. Learning grammar, doing lessons in school and practicing with friends is fine, but despite all this work and effort, people simply don't relax and talk. The most important thing to be able to do in any language is make yourself understood. I speak Cesky (Czech language) with very poor grammar, pronunciation and lack of vocabulary, but I'm never afraid to try and speak to people when I visit the Czech Republic because I know that the more often I speak, the more I will learn.

Questioning your level of ability is natural. If you have really struggled to read and understand most of my website, then, I'd say you'll probably have many problems in England because obviously you'll need to be able to understand what I'm saying, without me talking too slowly. Having said that I don't have an "ideal" student and am happy to teach at all levels.

Two years ago, a 40 year old businessman came to me from Brno in the Czech Republic. He had been referred to me by his teacher, as he wanted to give his English a "boost" and take his knowledge to a higher level very quickly. After two days, he told me that he felt like "a stupid man" and that his head was so full of English, but I told him that is was normal for this kind of learning. He spent the first week telling me it was too difficult, but then suddenly everything changed. Having been to London for the day on his own, he returned much happier. He had been able to talk to other people; ask them questions and understand what they said. His name is Martin Cigler and you can read what he wrote about me in the references page.

Of course Martin still isn't 100% confident with his English but there again he isn't afraid to speak and he wants to learn as much as he can and practice as often as possible.

Being ready to come to England for one or two weeks of intensive study, with lessons and having to speak English all the time is more about how willing you are to learn, than your actual ability. Coming here with an open mind, accepting my help and wanting to work every day will bring you much greater reward than you can believe.

Why do Tests and Assessments?
When you're learning something new, such as another language, it's important to take regular tests and be assessed. "But why?" You might ask. Well, if you aren't tested as you learn, you won't know if you've learnt and remembered all the important things. Of course, many people don't like doing tests, but if you don't discover what's wrong with your English, how will you be able to make it better?

More important than you doing an assessment or test, is receiving feedback afterwards, and being told how you can improve your skills. Simply being told you have 6 out of 10 correct answers, doesn't really help you, if you don't know why you got the other 4 questions wrong!

I believe it's very important that you, the learner, should get as much help as possible. I therefore offer 4 stages of assessment for my courses, so you can really improve your English as you progress.