Assessment through Progressive Learning

With many English language courses, students aren't tested nor have their level of ability assessed until they actually arrive in England. But having completed your own online tests, followed by my Assessment Pack or Free group assessment in the Czech Republic, when you meet me in England, I'll actually be conducting your third assessment without you knowing it.

When someone first arrives, I don't give them a test. Instead I simply get them to talk. By listening to what you say; how you speak and pronounce different words or sounds, I can learn how to best improve your speaking.

Then the first time I ask you to write something, I check your spelling and grammar, so without feeling you're being tested, I actually find out a lot about your English in the first 24 hours that you're here.

Of course throughout your course as you learn, you'll also have your grammar, speaking, writing and reading checked, to help you can make instant improvements. So you'll experience ongoing assessment and testing without realising it.