References from my students

The references on this page are taken from e-mails sent me from students who have been on my intensive English course. Where possible, I have included their e-mail address, so you may contact them directly and ask them about me and my courses.

Loni na podzim jsem byl v Your English School již potřetí. Vždy jsem zažil 14 dní intenzívní a na míru připravené výuky, spojené s příjemným doplňkovým programem. Nikdy jsem do školy rád nechodil, ale YES prostě miluji. Martin Cígler, předseda představenstva, CÍGLER SOFTWARE, a.s. Prosinec 2009.



Zaměření na individuální potřeby studenta je velkou předností této školy. Po absolvování svého kurzu jsem poslal do "Your English School" i mého syna na týdenní intenzivní kurz. Doporučuji každému, kdo si chce zlepšit své znalosti angličtiny. Dr. Radek Staněk, Přerov. Listopad 2009.




Pokud mám hodnotit kurz výuky anglického jazyka, tak pouze pozitivně. John je velice vstřícný a ochotný učitel, který se plně věnuje výuce a zdokonalování vědomostí o Anglickém jazyce. Naučil jsem se spoustu nových věcí a po absolvování dvoutýdenního kurzu jsme se nebál hovořit v Anglickém jazyce. Je to značný pokrok směrem kupředu, mohu tento kurz vřele doporučit. Ing. Radim Pazdera, TRUMF International s.r.o. Říjen 2009.

"Dear John, I wanted to write something about my English course with you in January 2008. I thought that maybe it'll look like an advertisement, but really I can't remember anything negative relating to YourEnglishSchool. I didn't know you before the course at all, but I found out you are great man which is very kind and friendly. I was very surprised about your teaching style - it was very different if I compare it with an other English course which I had passed before in London. In your "school" there was only you as a teacher and a me as student, so the whole day started in English (preparing breakfast together, watching and speaking about daily news, learning, improving my presentation skills, having lunch, doing sports, sightseeing, visiting interesting places) and also ended with English (going to pubs, discussing about the whole day). I have to say that during the two weeks I spent in YourEnglishSchool I learnt thousands times more than during four years I studied English in Czech grammar school. Thank you very much John :-). Ing. Tomas Petrik, Institut Chemické Technologie, Praha. February 2008.

"Dear John, I would like to write you some of my experiences from my twelve days English training. Firstly, the environment. You are very friendly person and I am very happy to meet you. The atmosphere, which you created for me, from my first day experience with treasure hunt during Dunstable, meals out, ... absolutely fantastic. Your willingness to prepare a nice plan during my informal or free time, visit slimming club and lecture training in university, is unforgettable experience for me and I really enjoyed my training.

Secondly; your English lessons. I think, your preparation for all the lessons was exemplary and the situation, when every morning I had the agenda was nice. I am not able to say how much my English skills have changed but my teacher here has said there is a big improvement." Martin Cigler. Nov 2007.

Cigler Software, Czech Republic. (Contact my assistant Ivana Gregova)

"John, I feel I must tell you that I was surprised your course was much more than only English. We talked so much every day. I have been a manager and director for many years but I also learnt many new things and ideas for business. Thanks also for the trips you took me on, especially to Bletchley Park. It was great to meet other English people, such as your friend 'Aussie' and your Mother too. I will recommend your course to anyone who wants to improve their English." Mojmir. May 2007.

Mojmir Mocek is the Managing Director of TRUMF International, the largest producer of spices in the Czech Republic. (Contact his personal assistant, Michaela Vlckova)